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George C.J. Fernandez

measurements from subsamples within each experimental unit adds additional source of subsample variation and provides a means to estimate both experimental and subsample error that complicate the data analysis of horticultural experiments with subsamples

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Abby ShalekBriski, B. Wade Brorsen, Jon T. Biermacher, Charles T. Rohla and Will Chaney

sample was evaluated each year for kernel percentage and weight per nut. One pecan tree in the treatment that received no irrigation died and was removed from the study in 2013. Data analysis . Measures of elemental concentration were subjected to

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Keletso C. Mohale, Araya T. Hintsa, Machel A. Emanuel and Fhatuwani N. Mudau

further analysis ( Mediani et al., 2012 ). SIMCA-P (software 14.0; Umetrics, Umeå, Sweden) with Pareto scaling method was used to perform the multivariate data analysis using the principal component analysis (PCA) and OPLS-DA. Contribution plots and

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Hui-Mei Chen, Hung-Ming Tu and Chaang-Iuan Ho

, and therefore the data collection was stopped. Eventually, a total of 71 items was obtained from replies of these 99 respondents. Data analysis. The samples were evenly distributed across genders and a wide range of ages and included various

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Brian A. Krug, Brian E. Whipker and Ingram McCall

for each of the 27 treatments. On 15 May, plant height (measured from the pot rim to the uppermost part of the plant) and plant diameter (measured at the widest dimension, turned 90°, and averaged) were recorded. Data analysis. Data were tested by

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A. Douglas Brede

’ plots came from ‘Alpha’ or ‘T-1’ stolons or seed migrating into the plot ( Table 1 ). Table 1. Establishment of three bentgrass cultivars in mature annual bluegrass mowed at 4 mm. z Data analysis (analysis and least significant

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Kristen Young and Eileen A. Kabelka

served as negative controls. Scoring for plant response to whitefly infestation and data analysis. Plants were visually rated for severity of SSL disorder symptoms 21 d after infestation. The most silvered leaves of each plant showing symptoms

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Bridget K. Behe, R. Thomas Fernandez, Patricia T. Huddleston, Stella Minahan, Kristin L. Getter, Lynnell Sage and Allison M. Jones

-and-pencil survey form. Data handling Metrics. Before data analysis began, areas of interest (AOIs) for each image were identified ( Fig. 3 ). AOIs can be created using the software either a priori or post hoc as geometric or free form shapes around products, items

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Tyler Simons, Hanne Sivertsen and Jean-Xavier Guinard

et al., 1997 ; Naes and Risvik, 1996 ; Schlich, 1995 ; Sidel and Stone, 1993 ; Thybo et al., 2004 ; Yackinous et al., 1999 ). Data analysis consisting of partial least squares (PLS) regression to relate instrumental and descriptive analysis

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Hussam S.M. Khierallah, Saleh M. Bader, Michael Baum and Alladin Hamwieh

reproducible products were taken into account for further data analysis. Table 2. Name, motif repeat, and sequence of 33 simple sequence repeat primers used for genotyping 30 Iraqi date palm cultivars. Simple sequence repeat genotyping. Electropherogram data