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  • Author or Editor: Zhong-Chun Jiang* x
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It reviewed the research and development on genetic resources in non-heading Chinese cabbage (Brassica campestris L. ssp.chinensis Makino var. communis Tsen et Lee) achieved during the past 50 years. Researches were carried out on the methodology and classification of horticultural crops, investigation and collection of the genetic resources and development of new cultivars. Further studies were conducted on the morphological and biological characteristics, identification and analysis of disease resistance and genetic model of main economic characteristics. On these bases, 13 new cultivars were selected and spread to 800,000 hm2.

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It studies the changes of endogenous hormones and polyamines in cytoplasmic male sterile non-heading Chinese cabbage (Brassica campestris L. ssp. chinensis Makino var. communis Tsen et Lee). Results showed that the microspore was prone to being sterile when there were lack of IAA, GA and polyamines, especially Put and abundant with ZRs and ABA in the anther. The imbalance of IAA/ZRs also easily caused the anther sterile.

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