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Pectic substances in 4 avocado cultivars were determined as anhydrouronic acid (AUA) during ontogeny and related to fruit maturity, alcohol-insoluble solids (AIS), alcohol-soluble solids (ASS), ASS minus oil, total oil, fresh weight and dry weight. The concentration of pectic substances in avocado pulp varied among different cultivars and increases during growth and maturation. AUA varied between 0.7 to 1.5% on a fresh weight basis. However, values on a dry weight basis are relatively constant at about 5.0% and independent of the state of maturity or cultivar. AIS, ASS, alcohol-soluble acid and oil increase as the fruit mature, ASS minus oil and water content decreased during the growth and maturation periods. Changes in oil content during ontogeny was the only constituent of those examined which was related to maturity.

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