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Random amplified polymorphic DNA (RAPD) analysis is currently used to estimate genetic relationships in plants. We have used RAPD analysis to distinguish six different cultivars of Ficus carica, and several of their clones, that are widespread in the Campania Region of Southern Italy. Among these cultivars, `Bianco del Cilento' has unique characteristics, and is particularly useful for drying and for the manufacture of syrups. The protection of this cultivar is important to the Campania Region. We have utilized molecular markers to allow accurate identification of this cultivar, making it possible to control the quality of products and prevent fraudulent commerce. DNA was extracted from leaves and amplified by PCR using random oligonucleotide primers. The amplification patterns obtained with five decamer primers were useful for distinguishing all six cultivars analyzed. `Bianco del Cilento' was identified by two primers. The banding patterns were scored and used in similarity value calculations to estimate genetic relationships.

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