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Cabbage, Brassica oleracea, var. Capitata L.; squash, Cucurbita pepo Alef.; and tendergreen, Brassica perviridis Bailey were grown at various water table depths in sheltered soil tanks on a fine sandy loam and a loam soil to evaluate the effects of high water table and soil type on growth and yield of these vegetable crops. Yields of the 3 species increased with water table depth to a depth of 76 to 102 cm. On both soil types the 15-cm water table depth caused considerable yield reduction and chlorosis for the 3 species. For maximum yields deeper water table depths were needed with loam than with sandy loam soil. Yield of cabbage was not significantly increased at water table depths greater than 30 cm in either soil. Squash yield was highest at water table depths of 61 to 76 cm in the fine sandy loam and 91 to 102 cm in the loam soil. Tendergreen yield was not significantly increased by water table depths greater than 61 cm in either soil.

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