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‘Honeycrisp’ is a relatively new apple cultivar (Malus ×domestica Borkh.) with a unique crisp fruit texture that makes it highly desirable. However, the leaves often develop a zonal chlorosis that resembles potato leafhopper damage. Other researchers have determined that the symptoms correlate with decreasing crop load rather than leafhopper damage. This study investigates the possibility that the zonal chlorosis is related to the buildup of starch grains causing rupture of chloroplasts. Transmission electron microscopy was used to document ultrastructural changes in chloroplasts in trees with three different crop loads from the beginning of the season to the end of the season. In trees with extremely low crop loads, we observed abnormalities of chloroplast membrane structure and accumulation of larger and more numerous starch grains. These appear before the appearance of chlorotic symptoms. By early August, the chloroplasts from chlorotic regions of leaves on trees with light crop loads are completely disrupted and abnormally large starch grains are found in place of chloroplasts. As the season progresses, trees with moderate and heavy crop loads showed less severe chloroplast disruption and smaller starch grain accumulation than trees with light crop load.

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