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Mebelo Mataa and Shigeto Tominaga

The effects of root restriction, induced by root restriction bags, was evaluated on `Yoshida' Ponkan mandarin (Citrus reticulata Blanco). Trees were planted in 0.02-m3 volume root wrap bags (RWBs), which were made from woven polystyrene fiber, or root control bags (RCBs) made from nonwoven UV-stabilized Duon polystyrene fibre with plastic bottoms. A direct soil planted, nonrestricted root treatment (DPC) was included as a control. After 3 years, reductions in height (14% to 29%), canopy volume (66% to 43%), girth (10% to 22%), and leaf area (8% to 12%) were recorded in both of the root restriction treatments. Greater reductions occurred in the RWB treatment. Photosynthesis, transpiration, water potential, and leaf carbohydrate content were not affected by root restriction although soil moisture content was lower in the root restricted treatments. Fruiting efficiency (i.e., number of fruit per unit volume of tree canopy) improved only in the RWB treatment over the control. Total soluble solids and the fruit color index were enhanced by root restriction.

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Masashi Yamamoto, Takahiro Tomita, Michio Onjo, Kiyotake Ishihata, Tatsuya Kubo, Shigeto Tominaga and Yoshimi Yonemoto

Phylogenic relationships among 31 cultivars of white sapote (Casimiroa edulis La Llave & Lex.) were examined by intersimple sequence repeat (ISSR) analysis. Polymorphic fragments were obtained in 24 of 100 ISSR primers (UBC Set#9, 801–900). Although ‘Cuccio’ and ‘Florida’ showed identical fragment patterns, the remaining cultivars could be distinguished from each other. The present study demonstrated the usefulness of ISSR analysis for cultivar identification and phylogenic study in white sapote.