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Sergio Tombesi, Bruce D. Lampinen, Samuel Metcalf and Theodore M. DeJong

Almond spurs are known to be the primary bearing unit in almond tree and are subject to alternate bearing. Fruits are a strong sink in bearing spurs and can influence spur leaf growth. At the same time the percent of flowers that set fruit on a spur (spur relative fruit set) could be influenced by the competition among multiple flowers/fruits borne on the same spur as well as by limited leaf area on the same spur. The aim of the present work was to investigate the relationship between current-year spur leaf area and spur absolute and relative fruit set. Approximately 2400 spurs were tagged and followed over 6 years and data concerning spur leaf area, number of flowers per spur, and number of fruits per spur were collected. Spur leaf area was reduced in fruiting spurs in comparison with non-fruiting spurs according to the number of fruits borne by each spur. This phenomenon contributes to spur alternate bearing because spur flowering and survival in the next year are a function of the leaf area in the current year. Relative fruit set in almond appears to be negatively associated with current-year spur leaf area. Competition among fruits on the same spur did not appear to influence spur relative fruit set.