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  • Author or Editor: Sergio Fatta Del Bosco x
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The reaction of lemon hybrids obtained by symmetrical and asymmetrical protoplast fusion, toward “mal secco” infection caused by Phoma tracheiphila (Petri) Kanc. et Ghik. was examined. Resistance was tested in `Valencia' sweet orange [Citrus sinensis (L.) Osbeck] and `Femminello' lemon [C. limon (L.) Burm. f.] somatic hybrid and cybrids, by stem and leaf inoculation tests and by analysis of propagule number of P. tracheiphila in the xylem of stem-inoculated plants. In general, the somatic hybrid and the cybrids showed an intermediate degree of resistance, with slight differences in disease symptoms, in comparison with resistant `Monachello' lemon and susceptible `Femminello' lemon, used as controls. The lower mortality in the asymmetrical lemon cybrids suggests that specific mechanisms of resistance to the disease could be activated in these genotypes.

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