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Identification of low temperature–regulated gene expression in Pachysandra terminalis: Pachysandra terminalis is a cold-hardy, evergreen plant species. In order to identify molecular mechanism of cold tolerance of this plant species, seedlings with four fully expanded leaves were subjected to 4, 0, and –1 °C low temperature treatments. Low temperature–induced genes were identified from treated plants using cDNA differential display. The cDNA fragments were cloned onto PCR-trap vectors. Low temperature regulation of these genes was confirmed by reverse-northern blot. Sequence analysis has identified that these genes can be classified into three groups, stress-related, photosystem-related. Most of the genes cannot find matching sequences in the database. To further study the regulation of these genes by temperature fluctuation, the plants were treated at 4, 0, and 40 °C. Northern blot analysis showed that several clones showed increased expression after cold and heat shock. Previous cold treatment at 4 °C can negate the effect of heat shock on expression of these genes. Complete sequence of these genes is cloned from the cDNA library and their temporal regulation by environmental stresses is analyzed using real-time PCR.

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