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Pear scab caused by Venturianashicolais one of the most important diseases of oriental pear. Breeding a variety resistant to scab can be improved through marker-assisted selection (MAS). Bulked segregant analysis (BSA) and amplified fragment length polymorphic (AFLP) analysis were performed to identify DNA markers linked to the scab-resistant gene (Vn) using a population from a cross between PS2-93-3-98 (resistant parent) and Yali (susceptible parent). A total of 480 EcoR I/MseI primer combinations were used to identify markers specific to PS2-93-3-98 and resistant pool. Three AFLP markers linked to Vn, E-AGT/M-CCA245, E-ATT/M-CCG300, and E-GGT/M-TCT225, were selected. Linkage analysis between the selected markers and Vn locus was conducted with 51 individual plants. The selected markers, E-AGT/M-CCA245, E-ATT/M-CCG300, and E-GGT/M-TCT225, were located at 3.9, 3.8, and 1.2 cm away from Vn, respectively. For practical application, we are currently converting selected markers to simple PCR-based markers. The markers could be used to increase selection efficiency in pear-breeding programs for scab resistance.

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