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Concentrated solutions of Fluf, Fluf-Plus, Tuf, Fan NPK, Formolene, Maxigro-Plus, urea, and Folian were applied at 12.2, 24.4, and 48.8 kg N/ha with a gravity-fed, spinning disk, liquid applicator to a blend of Kentucky bluegrasses (Poa pratensis L. ‘Adelphi’, ‘Aquila’, ‘Glade’, and ‘Parade’) at times when environmental conditions were conducive to foliar burn. The methylene ureas, including Fluf, Fluf-Plus, and Tuf caused minimal burn at all rates of N. Formolene could be safely applied at 12.2 and 24.4 kg N/ha, and remained marginally acceptable at 48.8 kg N/ha. Fan NPK, urea, and Folian caused unacceptable levels of fertilizer burn at rates greater than 24.4 kg N/ha.

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