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Branch tips (30 to 40 cm long) of adult black walnut were forced in a half-strength solution of Long and Preece medium (LP) salts (minus iron) plus 1 mM 8-hydroxyquinoline citrate (8-HQC). The resulting softwood shoots were surface-disinfested and cut into 1.5-cm-long nodal segments. Explants were placed on two media: Driver and Kuniyuki Walnut medium (DKW) or LP with four plant growth regulator combinations: 5 μM BA with 0.05 μM IBA, 10 μM BA, 1 nM TDZ, or 10 nM TDZ in a factorial arrangement. Gelrite was used as the gelling agent. Explants were transferred to fresh medium on days 1, 3, 5, and 7 after initiation, then weekly. Data recorded 60 days after culture initiation showed more and longer shoots and leaves, greater explant diameter, more green (living) tissue, and less exudation per explant on LP than on DKW. Greatest explant and shoot length were observed when the medium contained 10 nM TDZ. BA (10 μM) and LP were best for long-term maintenance of cultures

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