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The distribution of l4C-assimilates was examined in pot-grown ‘Redkote’ and ‘Michelite-62’ bean plants in which a lower or upper leaf was dosed with 14CO2 at flowering, pod expansion, or pod maturation. Assimilates from the leaf at node 4 moved primarily to the roots at flowering, but were translocated to actively growing pods at later stages. Dosing of the terminal trifoliate of ‘Redkote’ resulted in radiocarbon transfer exclusively to the subtending pods during pod expansion and maturation. Distribution from leaves on branches of both varieties was restricted to pods on the branch. When the main-stem node-7 leaf of ‘Michelite-62’ was dosed, 51% of the activity was recovered from node-7 axillary pods, and less from pods at nearby nodes. Thus middle and lower main-stem leaves of beans generally supply assimilates to several centers of active growth, while distribution from upper mainstem and branch leaves is more restricted.

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