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This study examined the leaf anatomy and water stress of Prunus insititia L. cv. Pixy grown in aseptic culture before and after transfer to the greenhouse and grown in a layerage bed in the field. The depth of palisade cells was significantly less in aseptically cultured plantlets than in greenhouse transfererred plants, and less in greenhouse transferred than in field-grown plants. Percent mesophyll air space was greater in plantlet than in plant leaves. Upper or lower leaf epidermal cell length of plantlets of field grown plants was not significantly different. Stomatal frequency for plantlet leaves was significantly less about 150 stornata per mm2) than that of plant leaves (300 stornata per mm2). Excised plantlet leaves lost greater than 50% of total leaf water content within 30 min; excised greenhouse leaves lost 50% after 90 minutes.

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