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  • Author or Editor: Ruwanthi C. Wettashinghe x
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Random amplified polymorphic DNA (RAPD) are genetic markers that facilitate selection in plant breeding. To obtain clear reproducible, and repeatable RAPD bands, four DNA extraction protocols and two Taq polymerases were compared using thirteen TG1015Y (Allium cepa) genotypes. Protocols for DNA extraction followed those of a modified Tai and Tanksley, 1989 (PMBR); a modified Dellaporta et al., 1983 (PMBR); a modified Guillemunt et al., 1992 (PMBR); and extracted with a plant tissue DNA isolation kit from Gentra System (Minneapolis). The modified Guillemunt protocol was selected due to ease of extraction and cost effectiveness. Polymerases compared were Taq and Taq Stoffel fragment. Results are based on three separate amplifications and electrophoretic assays. PCR amplifications of Stoffel fragment produced more scorable and reproducible RAPD bands compared to bands produced using Taq polymerase.

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