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Roberto Valverde and Tony H. H. Chen

To generate a linkage map for further genetic analysis of the traits involved in cold hardiness of potato, we are constructing a RAPD-based linkage map using a two-generation interspecific pedigree of Solanum commersonii and S. cardiophyllum, a hardy and non-hardy species, respectively. We initially screened 220 primers of 10-base arbitrary sequences and selected 86 to amplify a total of 577 polymorphic bands: 301 S. commersonii-specific and 276 S. cardiophyllum-specific bands. Segregation of a total of 247 markers was scored on a population of 44 F1 individuals. From these 247 markers, we have identified 117 markers, which segregate 1:1 in the F1 progeny following a test cross configuration. A RAPD linkage map for S. commersonii will be presented.