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There are relatively few references dealing with the role of man as a virus vector, and none that is so specific as to examine the role of plant breeders in the dissemination of virus diseases. Therefore, I have relied to a large extent on unpublished observations and what I hope is an unbiased interpretation of some selected papers on plant virus epidemiology. Some statements may appear outrageous initially. The following sentence is provocative: “Plant breeders usually possess only a superficial knowledge of plant viruses and the mechanisms by which they are transmitted.” This statement is not intended to belittle the training or competence of plant breeders. It is simply what I consider to be a statement of fact. Further, I suspect it will continue to be true for the foreseeable future. It would be equally true if the statement were reversed: “Plant virologists usually possess only a superficial knowledge of plant breeding and the mechanisms by which genetic factors are transmitted”.

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