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Total immersion of Pseuderanthemum atropurpureum L. H. Bailey, Sanchezia speciosa J. Leonard, and Strobilanthes dyeranus M. T. Mast. cuttings in aqueous solutions of the morphactins chlorflurecol and chlorflurenethol prior to propagation retarded plant growth 16 weeks after rooting. Height of Sanchezia and Strobilanthes also was reduced by dips of chlorfluren and dichlorflurecol and chlormequat chloride. Morphactins caused abnormal growth on Pseuderanthemum and Strobilanthes. Dips of PBA reduced the height of Pseuderanthemum and Strobilanthes. Pseuderanthemum height also was reduced by ancymidol and ethephon dips, and height was reduced on Strobilanthes by oxathiin and piproctanyl bromide. Chlorflurecol dips reduced plant dry weight of all species. Plant dry weight of Strobilanthes also was reduced by chlorofluren, chloroflurenthol, oxathiin, and PBA immersion. Ethephon, PBA, and chlorflurenthol dips also reduced Pseuderanthemum dry weight. Chemical names used: 2-chloro-9-hydroxy-9H-fluorene-9-carboxylic acid (chlorflurecol); 2-chlorofluorenecarbonic acid-(9)-methylester (dichloroflurecol); 2-chloro-9-hydroxyfluorene-carbonic acid-(9)-p-chlorophenoxyethylester (chloroflurenethol); 2-chloro-N,N,N-trimethylethanaminium chloride (chlormequat chloride); N-(phenylmethyl)-9-(tetrahydro-2H-pyran-2-yl)-9H purin-6-amine (PBA); α-cyclopropyl-α-(4-methoxyphenyI)-5-pyrimidinemethanol (ancymidol); (2-chlorethyl)phosphonic acid (ethephon); 2,3-dihydro-5,6-diphenyl-1,4-oxathiin (oxathiin); 1-(3,7-dimethyloctyl)-1-(2-propenyl)piperidinium bromide, (piproctanyl bromide).

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