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Clonally produced plants of Cymbidium Astronaut ‘Rajah’ (3.5 years exflask) were assigned to three day/night temperature regimes (20°C day/12° night, 26°/12°, and 26°/18°) at two nitrogen fertilizer rates (17 and 170 ppm N in the daily nutrient feed) in controlled environment rooms in Oct. 1984. Plants were removed at seven regular intervals between 29 Oct. 1984 and 15 Apr. 1985 and destructively harvested for assessment of bud development. There were, on average, 4.4 renewal vegetative buds (≥25 mm long) per plant produced over the 6-month experimental period with no apparent effect of temperature or nitrogen treatments on this cultivar. Of all vegetative renewal buds, 73% occurred on the bottom two nodes of the pseudobulb, whereas only 36% of reproductive buds grew from the bottom two nodes. Reproductive buds occurred up to the eighth node. By harvest 7, the 26°/12° temperature regime resulted in 5.9 reproductive buds per plant, with only 0.8 and 1.7 reproductive buds per plant, respectively, observed for the 20°/12° and 26°/18° temperature treatments. There was no effect of nitrogen fertilizer on floral bud numbers.

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