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Tap roots of two coarse rooted species, Nyssa sylvatica and Quercus acutissima, were subjected to six treatment materials which were cut to fit or placed on the bottom of a 7.61 container. Each treatment material (paint only, Styrofoam plug tray, 3M floor buffer mat, peat fiber sheet, stone and weed barrier fabric) was either painted with Spin Out™ of impregnated with Spin Out™ WP. Treatments that allowed the tap root to penetrate the material, i.e. weed barrier fabric, stone and 3M floor buffing mat, were more effective in controlling tap root elongation. The weed barrier fabric significantly reduced tap root length of Quercus acutissima and Nyssa sylvatica by 80% and 67% respectively compared to controls and by 65% and 53% respectively compared to the paint only treatment. In some cases the 3M and stone treatments were more effective than the weed barrier fabric but were impractical because of weight or expense.

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