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R.A. Teutonico, T.C. Osborn, and J.P. Palta

Identification of the genes involved in low temperature responses in oilseed Brassica could lead to genetic improvement of this crop and other species. We developed a genetic linkage map for B. rapa using restriction fragment length polymorphisms (RFLPs) and identified molecular markers which are linked to genes controlling vernalization requirement and freezing tolerance. We mapped the location of a group of cold-regulated (`cor') genes from Arabidopsis thaliana in this population and determined their association with these cold responses. We developed genetically fixed, recombinant inbred lines of B. rapa to assay the physiological processes involved in these cold responses. Specifically, we measured the differences in lipid composition of the plasma membranes of acclimated and nonacclimated plants of a subset of this population. We will determine if the genes involved in the physiological responses to low temperature are also associated with the acquisition of freezing tolerance.