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`Oconee' pecan (Carya illinoinensis (Wangenh.) K. Koch) was grafted on seedling rootstocks from nine open-pollinated seedstocks. Rootstocks included three seedstocks each of pecan, water hickory (C. aquatica (F. Michaux.) Nutt.) and their hybrid, Carya X lecontei (Little). Pecan seedlings had the largest basal diameter, water hickory seedlings the smallest, and hybrid seedlings were intermediate. Seedlings of `Elliott' and 'Curtis' seedstocks were larger than seedlings from `Moore' seedstock. Pecan and hybrid seedlings were more successfully grafted than water hickory. Graft success varied between seedstocks of the hybrid, with some as high as pecan. Foliage color of seedlings, indicative of iron nutrient status, was influenced by the species of rootstock: pecan seedlings were darker green than water hickory seedlings, but were inseparable from hybrid seedlings. `Oconee' scions on pecan seedlings were darker green than when grown on hybrid seedlings.

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