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Sugarcane mosaic virus [SCMV (Potyvirus sugarcane mosaic virus)] is an ssRNA virus that negatively affects yield in maize (Zea mays) worldwide. Resistance to SCMV is controlled primarily by a single dominant gene (Scm1). The goal of this study was to identify sweet corn (Z. mays) inbreds that demonstrate resistance to SCMV, confirm the presence of genomic regions previously identified in maize associated with resistance, and identify other resistant loci in sweet corn. Eight plants from each of 563 primarily sweet corn inbred lines were tested for SCMV resistance. Plants were inoculated 14 d after planting and observed for signs of infection 24 d after planting. A subset of 420 inbred lines were genotyped using 7504 high-quality genotyping-by-sequencing single-nucleotide polymorphism markers. Population structure of the panel was observed, and a genome-wide association study was conducted to identify loci associated with SCMV resistance. Forty-six of the inbreds were found to be resistant to SCMV 10 d after inoculation. The Scm1 locus was confirmed with the presence of two significant loci on chromosome 6 (P = 2.5 × 10−8 and 1.6 × 10−8), 5 Mb downstream of the Scm1 gene previously located at Chr6: 14194429.14198587 and the surrounding 2.7-Mb presence–absence variation. We did not identify other loci associated with resistance. This research has increased information on publicly available SCMV-resistant germplasm useful to future breeding projects and demonstrated that SCMV resistance in this sweet corn panel is driven by the Scm1 gene.

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