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Cured storage roots of sweet potato [Ipomoea batatas (L.) Lam. cv. Centennial] were wounded and recured for 12 days with or without 2,5-norbornadiene, AOA, or CoCl2 treatments. Ethylene production, wound lignification, and wound periderm formation were measured 0, 3, 6, 9, and 12 days after wounding. Ethylene production preceded wound lignification and wound periderm formation by 24 to 48 hr, respectively. Blocking ethylene action with 2,5-norbornadiene increased ethylene production, blocked wound periderm formation for up to 12 days, and strongly suppressed and delayed lignification. Blocking ethylene synthesis with AOA or CoCl2 decreased ethylene production to 10% of the control. Lignification and wound periderm formation were also suppressed and initiation delayed. These results suggest that ethylene is involved in lignification and periderm formation in wounded sweet potato roots. Chemical names used: bicyclo[2.2.l]hepta-2,5-diene (2,5-norbornadiene); (aminooxy) acetic acid (AOA).

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A user-friendly, menu driven, database program was developed to facilitate storage, retrieval, and manipulation of data associated with a sweetpotato breeding program. The database is written in FoxBASE+ for IBM and compatible personal computers. The database consists of a variety of test options with statistical capabilities for analysis of raw test data for commonly evaluated factors used to screen sweetpotato selections. The database also contains options which permit the user to query the stored data. An important feature is the summarization of test data for individual selections based on all the tests it has been entered into. Overall means, SDs and comparisons with user specified checks are listed in a printout for each factor along with morphological descriptors, parentage, and a note section. The database also assists the user in field research through recording of plot plans, data collection forms and related data query options.

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