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Natural variation of product respiration rate and temperature variation during shipping and marketing influence the atmosphere inside MA packages. Respiration rate variation data was collected at 0C and 5.5C for `Allstar' and `Honeoye' strawberries and at 5.5C for `Heritage' raspberries. Coefficient of variation was 8% for raspberries and ranged from 6.5% to 12.5% for strawberries. To determine package-to-package variations, steady-state O2 partial pressures were measured in 100 similarly designed packages and frequency distributions were constructed. For `Honeoye' variety, `O2 partial pressures ranged from 3.5 kPa to 13.7 kPa with a median of 7.5 kPa in one set of packages and from 0.4 to 1.65 kPa with a median of 0.6 kPa in another set of packages with different design. Large variations were also observed for `Allstar' variety and raspberries. The results compared well with package O2 distributions predicted by a mathematical model that was constructed based on respiration rate variation. A modeling approach was used to predict frequency distributions and changes in gas levels in strawberry and raspberry packages for several possible temperature variation situations and for different types of package designs.

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