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We investigated the effect of full irrigation (FI), deficit irrigation (DI), partial root zone drying (PRD), and nonirrigation (NI) on soil and plant–water relations, leaf stomatal conductance (g s), and abscisic acid (ABA) concentration in the xylem sap ([ABA]xylem) of pot-grown strawberry plants (Fragaria ×ananassa cv. Honeoye) in a greenhouse experiment. The DI and PRD treatments, irrigated with 70% of the volume of FI, reduced soil water content (θ), whereas crown water potential (ψcrown), leaf water potential (ψleaf), and g s were only significantly reduced from 11 to 15 days after initiation of irrigation treatments. Although [ABA]xylem was not significantly affected by the DI and PRD treatments, the NI plants increased [ABA]xylem, which coincided with decreased ψcrown, ψleaf, and g s 3 to 4 days after withholding irrigation. When ψcrown dropped below a critical value of −0.4 MPa, [ABA]xylem was linearly correlated with ψcrown. The g s tended to decrease as a function of [ABA]xylem, but g s was also affected by the water vapor pressure deficit (VPD) of the air. It is concluded that we did not observe a significant difference between strawberry plants grown in PRD and DI because ψcrown had to be below −0.4 MPa and soil water potential (ψsoil) had to be below −0.25 MPa before [ABA]xylem increased, these values were only reached toward the end of the experimental period (11–15 days after initiation of irrigation treatments).

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