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Semiochemical baits impregnated with cucurbitacin, floral volatiles, and small amounts of carbaryl insecticide have been developed to control cucumber beetles. Insecticide application of low carbaryl levels with insect attractants offers low risk advantages over conventional insecticides. Experiments determined the effectiveness of different timing schedules of granular semiochemical baits and compared two application methods (i.e., air-blast and standard boom) of flowable semiochemical baits. One concern this study addressed was whether the shearing action of the air-blast applicator affected the physical integrity of the microsphere formulations and therefore its effectiveness. Both granular and flowable formulations reduced cucumber beetle populations. Total number of live and dead beetles in treated plots generally exceeded the total number found in the control plots. This suggests that immigrating beetles were attracted from outside, died, and accumulated in the treated plots. Control plots were treated with floral attractants. Bacterial wilt symptoms were not observed in any plot.

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