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Newspaper was pelletized and tested as a peat moss substitute in growing media used for producing bedding plants and woody ornamentals in containers. Varying amounts of urea was added to the newspaper prior to pelletization to improve the C:N ratio of the pellets Newsprint had a C:N ratio of 800:1. One quart of a 28% nitrogen solution per ton of paper consistently changed the C:N ratio to 400: 1 Additional quantities of the 28% N solution did not lower the C:N ration due to volatilization. The addition granular urea at 5.0 lbs. and 10.0 lbs. of urea per 300 lbs of newsprint altered the C:N ratio to 50:1 and 18:1 respectively. Media containing pelletized paper expanded about 40% in volume when water was added Following the first leaching electrical conductivity of the leachate was slightly elevated when compared to the check. In nine subsequent leachings the electrical conductivity was not significantly different than the check. The pH of the leachate averaged 7.2

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