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Gas samples from the central cavities of 3 cultivars of muskmelon fruits (Cucumis melo L.) were resolved by gas chromatography into at least 12 organic volatile fractions. Harvesting of ‘Top-Mark5 and ‘PMR-455 cantaloupe up to 12 days before normal abscission did not reduce the final concentration of volatiles attained. Production of volatiles by cantaloupe was inhibited while still attached to the parent plants, but no evidence for inhibition by the parent plant was obtained in ‘Honey Dew’, nor was the final concentration of volatiles reduced by early harvest. High concentrations of exogenous ethylene applied to harvested melons accelerated the onset of production of the organic volatiles but did not significantly affect their ultimate concentrations. Exogenous ethylene altered the relative amounts of at least 2 fractions. The production of volatiles is closely coordinated with the other aspects of ripening, but the control mechanisms appear to be different.

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