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Citrus (Citrus spp.) is one of the most important crops in Florida agriculture. Weed control is a major component in citrus production practices. If not controlled, weeds may compete with citrus trees for nutrients, water, and light and may also increase pest problems. Herbicides are an important component of integrated weed management program in citrus. Saflufenacil, a new herbicide registered for broadleaf weed control in citrus, can be applied alone or in a tank mix with other herbicides to improve weed control efficacy. A total of six field experiments were conducted in 2008 and 2009 to evaluate the efficacy of saflufenacil applied alone or in a tank mix with glyphosate and pendimethalin for weed control. In addition, experiments were also conducted to evaluate phytotoxicity of saflufenacil applied at different rates and time intervals in citrus. The results suggested that saflufenacil applied alone was usually effective for early season broadleaf weed control; however, weed control efficacy reduced beyond 30 days after treatment (DAT) compared with a tank mix of saflufenacil, glyphosate, and pendimethalin. For example, control of weeds was ≤70% when saflufenacil or glyphosate applied alone compared with tank mix treatments at 60 and 90 DAT. Addition of pendimethalin as a tank mix partner usually resulted in better residual weed control compared with a tank mix of saflufenacil and glyphosate, and this herbicide mixture was comparable with grower's adopted standard treatment of a tank mix of glyphosate, norflurazon, and diuron and several other tank mix treatments. Saflufenacil applied once in a season at different rates or even in sequential applications did not injure citrus trees when applied according to label directions. It is concluded that with its novel mode of action, saflufenacil tank mixed with glyphosate and pendimethalin would provide citrus growers with another chemical tool to control broadleaf and grass weeds.

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