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Gingers are tropical perennials from the Zingiberaceae family with attractive long-lived flowers that can be grown as potted plants in subtropical and temperate zones under protected conditions. Development of production practices for this new flowering pot crop is essential for optimum plant growth. The effect of photoperiod on growth and flowering was evaluated on Curcuma gracillima, C. cordata, C. alismatifolia, C. petiolata `Emperor', Curcuma `Chang Mai dwarf', Siphonichilus decora, and S. kirkii. Plants were grown under daylengths of 8, 12, 16, and 20 h. Plant height, number of new leaves, number of shoots, and leaf area were larger for plants growing under an extended daylength (16- and 20-h photo-period) than for plants under 8 and 12 h. Plants grown under an 8-h daylength approached dormancy sooner than those growing under 12, 16, or 20 h of light, and no flowering occurred.

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Tropical horticulture is a senior-level course in most horticulture curricula. A combination of notes, slides, and hands-on demonstration with tropical crop products is the traditional presentation format for this course. Our project integrated computer-based learning models in a comprehensive courseware package suitable for teaching an entire undergraduate tropical horticulture course covering 14 crops from the areas of fruits, vegetables, ornamentals, and floriculture. The user-friendly multimedia course includes hypertext class notes, animated graphics, videos, and pictures. The CD-ROM will be available and will be tested by students registered in the tropical horticulture class in Louisiana State Univ. and will also be translated to Spanish.

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