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  • Author or Editor: Mateja Štefančič x
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The influence of two exogenously applied auxins (IAA and IBA) on the root and shoot development of leafy cuttings was analyzed at 'GiSelA 5', the dwarfing cherry rootstock. IBA (indole-3-butyric acid) hindered the callus formation in the early period of root development and it was more successful than IAA (indole-3-acetic acid) in promoting earlier root development. IBA also influenced the stronger shoot growth and the development of acrobasal type of the rooting system, and induced higher number of roots. Those parameters are very important for the quality and survival of the new plants and they are not the consequence of the higher IAA content in the rooting zones of cuttings in the first days of root development. Both auxin treatments had no effect on the final percent of the rooted cuttings neither on the survival of cuttings, but they increased the percent of rooted cuttings without callus. The root system with callus proved less qualitative, because the cuttings with such root system developed significantly less roots per rooted cutting and their shoot length was shorter than those of the cuttings without callus at both auxin treatments. Exogenously applied auxins were not crucial for root formation, however their application resulted in higher percent of more qualitative 'GiSelA 5' leafy cuttings. IBA proved as the most efficient treatment and it additionally induced earlier root formation.

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