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This colloquium was jointly sponsored by the following ASHS Working Groups: Women in Horticulture, Climatology and Meteorology, Floriculture, Food Quality and Nutrition, Mycorrhiza, Nursery Crops, Ornamentals/Landscape and Turf, Ornamental Plant Breeding, Postharvest, and Vegetable Breeding. The sponsorship of these groups for a colloquium on statistics indicates the wide appeal and universality of concern among the many disparate interest groups within the science of horticulture for this topic.

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`Agriset', `All Star', and `Colonial' tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.) transplants set to a depth of the first true leaf and `Cobia' transplants set to a depth of the cotyledon leaves yielded more fruit at first harvest than plants set to the top of the rootball (root–shoot interface). The increase in fruit count was predominantly in the extra-large category. More red fruit at first harvest suggested that deeper planting hastens tomato maturity. The impact of planting depth diminished with successive harvests, indicating the response to be primarily a first-harvest phenomenon in tomato.

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