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Eighteen strawberry genotypes were evaluated for their phenolic content and antioxidant capacity using several methods. High antioxidant capacity was found for `Harmonie', `Saint-Jean d'Orléans', and `Saint-Laurent d'Orléans', which were reported to have better shelf life than `Kent'. `Harmonie', `Saint-Jean d'Orléans', `Orléans', and some advanced selections had higher hydroxycinnamic acids, benzoic acids, and flavonols than `Kent'. The significant variation in antioxidant capacity and total phenolic compounds clearly shows the potential value of certain new cultivars and advanced lines as parents in a breeding program. The future plan is to examine individual antioxidant and their role in disease resistance and extension of shelf life and to use selected genotypes as parents to developed new lines.

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`Clé des Champs' is a new June-bearing strawberry cultivar (Fragaria ×ananassa Duch.) bred for Eastern Central Canada and climates similar to Quebec conditions. `Clé des Champs' was released for pick-your-own and shipping because it has very attractive light red, glossy (Fig. 1), and firm fruit, which have an excellent shelf life compared with `Kent'.

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