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Supersweet corn has problems establishing a stand, a problem that is related to a damaged pericarp that allows leakage from seeds during imbibition. This study compared seed vigor and sugar leakage of sweet corn isolines with different endosperms. Isoline pairs (C68, IaS125, Ia453, Il442a, and Oh43) of sweet corn (Zea mays L. var. rugosa) with two endosperms (sul or sh2) were used. Seeds were germinated at 10, 15, or 20C. Seeds also were planted in Urbana, Ill., where seedling growth was measured. Seeds also were soaked in water for 24 h, and then leachate was analyzed for sugars (anthrone method) and for sucrose, fructose, and glucose (HPLC). No seeds germinated at 10C. At 15 and 20C, more sul seeds germinated than sh2 seeds in most cases. In fields, sul plants were more vigorous than sh2 plants based on emergence, plant height, leaf number, weight, and leaf area. More sugars leaked from sh2 than sul seeds. More sucrose leaked from sh2 than sul seeds in all but two isolines, where none leaked. More fructose leaked from sh2 than sul seeds in all but two isolines, where no differences occurred. More glucose leaked from sh2 than sul seeds only in Oh43.

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