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Michel Choairy de Moraes, Isaias Olívio Geraldi, Frederico de Pina Matta and Maria Lucia Carneiro Vieira

The aim of this study was to estimate genetic and phenotypic parameters in a population of yellow passion fruit for determining its potential for genetic improvement, as well as to establish strategies for selection. The basic material comprises a sample of 100 F1 plants derived from a single cross between the accessions `IAPAR-06' and `IAPAR-123', which are genetically divergent. The experimental evaluation was performed in a 10 × 10 triple lattice design. At harvest, yield and number of fruit were evaluated, as well as other traits related to fruit quality. Results indicated that the population displays wide genetic variability, with coefficients of heritability on a genotype mean basis varying from 52.6% to 83.2%. High and positive genetic correlations were detected between yield and number of fruit and for combinations of the traits weight, length, and width of the fruit. Negative genetic correlations were found between the soluble solids content and the other traits. The relevance of the results from such a divergent cross to a commercial breeding program is discussed.