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The literature on organic consumer behavior has provided some knowledge about the main constructs and variables related to the purchase and consumption of organic foods and could be used to plan strategies to increase demand. However, the recommendations are not clear, varying among different authors, products, and markets; so, it seems necessary to study each case separately. This study aims to isolate the key variables that could influence the purchase of organic olive oil in the Spanish market and to analyze which of these variables have a major effect on the intent to purchase. Using data from a survey of 800 individuals, variables involved in the purchase decision process are included in a linear regression model of latent classes. The results indicate that the product consumption patterns do not respond to a uniform consumption profile but point to a coexistence of groups of people with different propensities to buy and different sensitivities to different commercial stimuli. The main conclusion is that the most effective actions to develop demand should focus on directly linking consumption of the product to consumer benefits such as leading a healthier life, eating a higher-quality product, or enjoying nature, rather than to other variables such as difficulties, perceived costs, or confidence in the certification process.

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