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Ginseng seedlings were inoculated with Phytopthora cactorum by dipping their roots for 5 min in a suspension of 105 zoospores/ml. Inoculated plants were repotted and grown under shade in the greenhouse. In various experiments, fungicides were applied 1 week before inoculation, at the time of inoculation, 2 days after inoculation, or a combination of the first two of these. Treatments included fosetyl-Al applied as a foliar spray until run-off at a concentration of 2.5, 5.0, or 10 g a.i./liter of water or as a soil drench containing 0.25, 0.5, or 1.0 g a.i./100 ml water per plant and metalaxyl applied as a soil drench containing 5 or 10 mg a.i./100 ml of water per plant. The treatments with fosetyl-Al as a spray did not reduce root rot ratings, but fosetyl-Al applied as a drench significantly reduced root rot ratings at all three concentrations when applied at inoculation. The best control was achieved using metalaxyl at either 5 or 10 mg a.i./plant applied either at inoculation or both 1 week before inoculation and at inoculation.

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This study reports the performance (yield, tree size, and fruit quality) of 'Ponkan' mandarin (Citrus reticulata Blanco) on seven rootstocks, evaluated for 11 years under Southern Brazil conditions. Trees on C13 citrange had higher cumulative yield for seven harvests than those on trifoliate orange. Cleopatra mandarin, rough lemon, Rangpur lime, Sunki mandarin, and Volkamer lemon rootstocks maintained their values at an intermediate position and did not present any significant difference regarding C13 citrange, and trifoliate orange. Trees on C13 citrange and on trifoliate orange exhibited the lowest alternate bearing index. Cleopatra mandarin induced the greatest canopy volume, but it was not significantly different from Sunki mandarin and rough lemon. The smallest trees were those on Volkamer lemon and trifoliate orange. The highest yield efficiency came from trees on C13 citrange and the smallest on Cleopatra mandarin. Rootstocks did not significantly affect fruit weight.

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