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Two studies were performed to evaluate techniques for screening verticillium wilt of Capsicum annuum L. The first study tested inoculation methods. The original method involved mixing the inoculum with planting medium in a cement mixer for 1 h. Seeds then were planted in the infested medium. In the new technique, inoculum is poured directly into the row, and seeds are placed directly on top of the inoculum. Inoculum levels of 2000 and 1000 mcrosclerotia/g of soil were tested in the new “in-row” method. The disease severity of the “in-row” plants was significantly less than the plants inoculated by the original method. A significant difference remained between resistant and susceptible lines. There was no difference between inoculum levels. The second study compared three commercial planting media to the standard soil used in previous screenings. Disease severity did not differ among media, and all media showed significant differences between resistant and susceptible C. annuum lines.

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