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Distribution of pollen diameter of Japanese persimmon cv. Zenjimaru (2n = 6x, × = 15) was determined using pollen grains hydrated with CPW solution supplemented with 0.9 M mannitol. Mean diameter of giant pollen grains (65 μm) was 1.3 times longer than that of normal pollen grains (50 μm). The occurrence of giant pollen was estimated to be about 5% of the pollen population. The hydrated giant pollen grains could be sorted out from normal pollen grains by filtering through a layer of nylon mesh (62 μm). Flow cytometric analysis of nuclear DNA content confirmed that giant pollen was unreduced 2n pollen. 2n giant pollen grains were pollinated to cn. Jiro (2n = 6x) callie and plantlets could be obtained from immature embyros excised from seeds 70 days after pollination.

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