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The relationship between water extraction (1:1.5) values and nutrient uptake in geranium (Pelargonium × hortorum Bailey) growing in moss peat (peat), bark, or moss peat and soil media was investigated. Nitrogen, P, and K fertilizers were incorporated in increments in the starting media and applied again in solution, about at the crop midpoint. Desirable nutrient N(NH4 +-N + NO3 --N), P(H2PO4 --P) and K(K+) values (DV) from media analysis at the start of the experiments (MDV) and midway to flowering (FDV) also were calculated from regression equations on the basis of maximum growth rates, maximum dry weight production at midharvest, and final harvest. The relationships between plant uptake of N, P, and K and the water extract concentrations were generally very good, except for K in bark for both harvests and in peat at the first harvest, and an underestimated P uptake in peat + soil and in bark. The media DV obtained using growth data were broadly similar to those using plant dry weight data, although somewhat lower for N during the early growing period.

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