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R. Messina, R. Testolin, and M. Morgante

The usefulness of isozyme banding patterns as genetic markers in kiwifruit [Actinidia deliciosa (A. Chev.) C.F. Liang et A.R. Ferguson] was investigated using starch gel electrophoresis. Fifty-four entries putatively belonging to seven female and two male kiwifruit cultivars were examined for 13 enzyme systems (AAT, ACO, GDH, G6PDH, IDH, MDH, ME, MNR, NDH, 6PGD, PGI, PGM, and SKDH). Four enzyme systems, ACO, MDH, NDH, and SKDH, showed identical banding patterns in all clones surveyed. Of the remaining enzymes, AAT, PGI, and PGM had the best discriminating power. Six enzyme systems (GDH, G6PDH, IDH, ME, MNR, and 6PGD), though showing polymorphic banding patterns, were poorly resolved. All the New Zealand cultivars were uniquely identified by the simultaneous comparison of the AAT, PGI, and PGM zymograms. Some enzyme systems were also polymorphic among plants within the same cultivar, thus proving the heterogeneity of kiwifruit material introduced into Europe in the early 1970s.

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J.M. Vogel, A. Rafalski, M. Morgante, G. Taramino, W. Powell, M. Hanafey, and S.V. Tingey

DNA-based diagnostics are now well-established as a means to assay diversity at the locus, chromosome, and whole-genome levels. As technology has advanced, DNA sequence-based assays have become easier to use, more efficient at screening for nucleotide sequence-based polymorphisms, and available to a wider cross-section of the research community. A review of the use of molecular markers in several different areas of genetics and plant breeding will be presented, as well as a discussion about their advantages and limitations. Recent advances in several areas of technology development and laboratory automation will also be presented, including a summary of direct comparison of different DNA marker systems against a common set of soybean cultivars.

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J.M. Vogel, A. Rafalski, W. Powell, M. Morgante, C. Andre, M. Hanafey, and S.V. Tingey