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M. Landrigan, S.C. Morris and K.S. Gibb

The effect of enzymic action, mechanical damage, and relative humidity (RH), on browning of stored rambutan was investigated. Mature rambutan fruit (`R 134') were infiltrated with known enzyme inhibitors, then either mechanically damaged or left undamaged, before storage at 20 °C with 95% or 65% RH. Fruit were visually scored for browning and weight loss was measured. All fruit at low RH browned severely. At high RH, infiltration with water, but not with the enzyme inhibitors, salicylhydroxamic acid and catalase, led to a large increase in browning. We infer that enzymes were involved in browning in damaged tissue under high RH. At low RH, inhibitors were ineffective as desiccation was the dominant causative factor of browning.