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A survey was conducted in Guam to determine the preferred uses and preferred flowers and foliage for leis and mwarmwars. Mwarmwars are a form of lei that is worn on the head. Mwarmwars were introduce to Guam by Carolinians. Lei giving is popular for special occasions to signify honored guests, as a token to loved ones, or given to travelers. In Guam, it is popular to give mwarmwars and leis as gifts to middle school, high school and college students. Preferred characteristics of flowers and foliage are wilt resistance and those that are not fragile. The most popular flowers are orchids, plumeria, mini carnations, baby's breath, bougainvillea, alstromeria, crown flowers, mini daisies, red ginger, spray roses, and sweetheart roses. The most popular foliage are leather leaf fern, polyscias, ti leaf, asparagus fern, and lemon leaves. The majority of the flowers and foliage are imported.

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