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Rhizomes of Iris germanica L. `Pretty Please' were stored either dry at 21°C or potted at 10°C for 0, A, 9, 11, 13, 15, or 17 weeks. After storage, dry rhizomes were potted and placed in a forcing greenhouse. Potted rhizomes were removed from the 10°C cooler and placed in the same greenhouse. Both were forced under longdays(16 hr). A control group with no rhizome storage received natural daylength. Plants flowered without rhizome storage if grown under longdays. Four weeks of rhizome storage (cool or warm) significantly hastened flowering of potted irises over those receiving no rhizome storage, as well as producing the highest percentage of flowering plants. Potted rhizomes chilled for 17 weeks had the shortest forcing period, but only 50% of plants flowered. Plants receiving natural daylength did not flower. Greenhouse forced plants did not produce more than three flowers per scape. Foliage height at flowering decreased significantly after 15 weeks of cool rhizome storage.

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