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Product packaging influences consumer's purchase decisions, yet this influence is not defined for ornamental horticultural products. The objective of this study was to determine consumer preferences for three types of nursery plant containers: field ball and burlap, fabric bag, and polyethylene. Uniform Magnolia grandiflora and Photinia fraserii (1-2 m) grown in gro-bags ware either containerized in black polyethylene pots, wrapped to simulate traditional ball and burlap, or kept in fabric begs. Seventy-four consumers from Montgomery, Ala., were asked to indicate their preferences. Most (48%) preferred the polyethylene container, followed by the fabric bag (27%), ball and burlap (19%). These data suggest that fabric bags have similar consumer appeal compared to ball and burlap. Plants in polyethylene containers likely appeared healthier and more vigorous because they held more soil, retained more moisture, and gave plants a better appearance.

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Increased consumer demand for poultry products has created a poultry waste disposal problem. Previous research demonstrated that a growing medium containing 50% composted broiler litter sustained plant growth as well as commercially available alternatives with no objectionable odor. The objective of this research was to determine consumer perceptions to develop a marketing strategy for this product. One-hundred eighty consumers participated in an intercept-survey. Consumers rated fertility of the growing medium as the most important attribute (4.0 on 5.0 scale), followed by mix price (3.8), and color (3.4). “Organic gardening” was important to 82% while the addition of organic material to a growing medium was important to only 56% of the sample. Adding cow manure to a growing medium was desirable to more consumers (65%) than adding horse (39%) or poultry manure (40%). A marketing strategy should include “organic” terminology rather than a specific manure incorporated to deemphasize the negative perception of composted broiler litter.

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