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Rooted cuttings of `Dark Red Hegg' poinsettia were potted in root media containing 0, 50, or 100 percent by volume of coal bottom ash in peat::vermiculite (50:50, v/v), one cutting per 1 liter pot. The plants were placed in a closed loop nutriculture system and irrigated with 200 mg N.liter-1 of (N-P-K) 20-8.8-17.8. 15-2.2-22.25. or 20-4.8-21.6 (commercial Hydrosol + Ca(NO3)2). each with soluble trace elements. Fertilizer solutions were maintained at pH=6.0-6.5 and E.C.=1.6-2.5 dS.m-1. Media pH and E.C. tended to increase with amount of ash in the media. The 20-8.8-17.8 fertilizer reduced pH values 0.6-0.8 in all media. Plants were of equal height in all media. Average bract cluster diameters of plants in 100 percent coal ash were reduced compared to those in 0 and 50 percent coal ash by the 15-2.2-22.25 fertilizer. but not by the other two fertilizers. Plant top dry weights in 100 percent ash were reduced below those in 0 and 50 percent ash by the 20-8.8-17.8 and the 15-2.2-22.25 fertilizers.

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