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Lantana camara `New Gold', `Irene', and `Patriot Dove Wings' were planted in five pine bark-based media containing 0%, 12.5%, 25%, 37.5%, and 50% crumb rubber. Each medium was amended with 7.14 kg·m-3 dolomite lime, 0.892 kg·m-3 of Micromax, and 4.76 kg·m-3 of 17-6-12 Nutricote fertilizer. Height and visual quality ratings were taken at 4 and 8 weeks. Dry weights were taken when the experiment was terminated. There were no significant differences in height, visual quality, and dry weight of `New Gold' lantana for all crumb rubber rates. `Irene' grew taller and had higher visual quality rating in the 4th week with 12.5% and 25% crumb rubber. This trend continued in the 8th week with taller plants grown in 25% crumb rubber. However, there were no differences in plant quality. Dry weight of plants grown in 37.5% and 50% crumb rubber was reduced when compared to the control. There were no differences in growth or quality of `Patriot Dove Wings' at week four. At week eight a reduction in both height and visual quality occurred with 37.5% and 50% crumb rubber. Plant dry weights were also significantly reduced at >37.5% crumb rubber.

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