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Three commercially available bone meal products, meat and bone meal, steamed bone meal, and bone chips were compared with Ca (H2PO4)•H2O for their effectiveness in phosphorous availability. These products were added to a soil media (20 soil: 40 peat 40 perlite by volume) at rates to give 0, 50, 100, 200, and 400 mg P•kg-1. Products effectiveness was evaluated by growth and P uptake of `Pilgrim' tomato (Lycoperisicon esculantum Mill.). Difference in plant dry weights among the products were significant at P≤0.02, with the greatest difference occurring between the control & the bone meal products. Differences were also evident among the products with respect to shoot P content (mg P•shoot-1). A significant interaction between product & rate was observed for foliar P concentration, but not shoot P content reflecting a growth dilution effect. Therefore, the three bone meal products were equally effective in providing P for optimum tomato growth.

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